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  • Yasmine Hammamet (Nabeul)

    Verry quiet and relaxing place to have a litle snack, coffe or waterpipe in the harbour.

    We went out to eat in the restaurant/ caffe called Cafe El Marsa. Nice quiet place to relax and eat. And walking on the beach is also great, if the weather is good. Old looking ships are great sightseeing's for tourists. I recommend people to go for a walk in harbour, where are many restaurants and many things to see and experience. Near the hotel is also a amusement park called gartaghe land. And near the harbour is a great place to eat fresh food in the ,,Oggy,, restaurant. Many little shops everywhere where you can buy souvenirs and many odher stuff, like clothes, food. There are also many drugstores nearby. Hammamet the city is not far, take a taxi and go explore. Nice coffeshops in the harbour and an old castle.

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