Our solidarity corner

Charitable actions also have their place at Reserving.com. Throughout our history we have taken part in projects with several NGOs, such as ActionAid (Ayuda en Acción), Father Fabretto Foundation (Fundación Padre Fabretto), Red Cross, UNICEF, Global Humanitaria, Medicus Mundi, Spanish Association Against Cancer (Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer), Doctors Without Borders, several food banks, ASPACE... We are also involved in specific projects, e.g. to improve life conditions of the Nepalese population after the earthquake.

Locally, we are a company committed to the economic development and settlement of the population in the rural area of the Pyrenees where we’re located – El Sobrarbe. For this reason our head office is still in Ainsa, where we directly employ a good number of young people who otherwise would have been forced to leave for the big city.

In addition, our director, Ricardo Buil, gives lectures and conferences to young people, entrepreneurs and associations, at universities, business fairs, young entrepreneurs associations... offering his advice and sharing his experience.

We are also actively involved in the social life of the region by sponsoring sporting events, cultural activities, lectures, workshops, parties and other soirées for the enjoyment of our neighbours and visitors. Living in the countryside is fun!

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